Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 3 already??

Oh my goodness, how does time fly so quickly??

This week has been great. We got to go to the temple this morning! Doing a session in spanish was definitely an experience, but it was incredible and I definitely want to do it again. Leaving the safety of the MTC made me appreciate it 10 times more when we got back, haha. Some crazy things this week: we got 2 new investigators, Lucas and Holly! Sorry if I already wrote this, haha. It was so cool to teach Lucas. We were kind of planning on teaching him the plan of salvation for the first lesson, but as we got to know him, we realized he was having the same confusion that Joseph Smith was having. Immediately, Hermana Taufoou turned to verse 9 in JS History and asked him to read it, and neither of us knew what it said, haha. We heard him say Methodist and Baptist at the end, so we were pretty sure it was the right verse. Then I got to testify of the first vision and recite it in spanish, which felt so incredible. He said he would pray about it, and the next time we met, he said he had recieved the prompting that he should read the Book of Mormon. Going back after that first lesson, though, we went and read verse 9 in english, and it was exactly what he needed to hear. It was so cool to see the Spirit working like that through my companion, especially cause we had no idea what that verse was! So cool.

What else...We went to the TRC for the first time, right after we taught Lucas, and that was a bust, haha. Honestly, though, it wasnt our fault! We both had no idea what we were doing, and our teacher didnt know any information about it, so we just got shoved in a room with one of the teachers that was just playing herself, and we were so awkward, so we just chatted and said a prayer with her, haha. Tomorrow we go again, so I promise that will be a much better experience! Hopefully we´ll have a better story to share, haha.

Also, we saw a FAT cockroach in the hallway to our classroom. I did not realize how nasty they are when theyre big. SO GROSS. I basically couldnt eat lunch, I just wanted to throw up. Bless all the missionaries that have to deal with those every day. Also, a new vocab word: enratonar - to get sick from eating too many mice\have a hang over. I think our dictionaries might be a little skewed, haha.

I think the food is getting better each day! I dont know what it was, but the other day we had empanada things filled with some sweet meat and pineapple and some potatoes, cheese, and red sauce. It was super good! maybe Im just getting better at eating whatever they give me, but I like the food more each day. The only downside is that the cafeteria is getting more and more crowded. Tuesdays are great, though, we get pizza from costco because thats what they like to serve to the new missionaries!

Well life here is great. Everyone read Ether 12: 27 and Deuteronomy 31:7. Those verses have really helped me this week with finding trust and confidence in the Lord. He just wants to strengthen us, but we have to take that first step and come unto Him.

I love the gospel, and I love you all!

Hermana Watkins

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  1. I hope you meet Sister Kelli Haws while you're there. She left last week to teach there. I taught her in 5th grade. Her mom, Vickii Haws, also taught at Alpine Elementary!