Tuesday, August 20, 2013

another day, another destiny

I´ve had Les Mis seriously stuck in my head all day!

Where to begin... Its been a great week! Lucas, one of our investigators, is going to be baptized! We had such a cool experience with him. We had asked him to read 2 Nefi 31, which he did, but he studied really in depth and really sought an answer about baptism for himself. We took a lot of time and talked through all his thoughts, and then we asked him to be baptized. It was like the quietest moment ever, and I basically felt the Spirit sit down between my companion and I and listen in. So cool. So yeah, weve just been progressing with him and are working towards his baptismal date!

These past few days have been so weird! Our roommates left for their missions early this morning, and a bunch of sisters from our branch left Monday morning! Its weird when the friends you´ve made start spreading out, and you might never see them again! It makes a mission all the more real. Especially when Hermana Tolman, our roommate, walked in last night and grabbed Hermana Vance´s face, her companion and shouted "We´re going on missions! Well, we´re already on missions, but we´re going on missions!" Haha, Im going to miss those girls so much!

Okay, food update: one of the tastiest things I´ve had was a tortilla-in-enchilada-sauce mixture. They were cut up into bite-sized pieces and soaked in delicious sauce, and served with cheese on top. SO GOOD. And it was breakfast! I don´t understand a lot of the Mexican food traditions, but that one was super good, haha. Also, once a couple weeks ago we had regular, super delicious tamales for breakfast that were just wrapped in corn husks, but a couple days ago, for dinner, we had basically the same tamales, but they were wrapped in giant leaves. Muy extraño. The tamale itself was pretty good, but the smell of the leaves almost killed me cause everyone was opening them at the same time! I thought I was gonna throw up, but I made it, so no worries.

On Sunday we watched a devotional from the MTC after last Octobers conference, given by Elder Bednar. It was super interesting. He gave his take on studying the words of the living prophets, and it was super insightful. He gave us clips to watch, and one at a time, we searched for the doctrine, the invitation, and the promised blessings. So he´d pause after each one and give us time to write down what each one was, but he told us to make it personal. So I really liked hearing that. He said not to just write down what they were saying, but to write down what it means for you, aka the personal invitation and what blessings YOU can recieve from heeding their message. I really liked it a lot, and now Im really looking forward to the next conference so I can do the same thing with all the talks!

Nothing much else is new... we´re still in the same schedule, but we´re getting another investigator that´s going to be a missionary in my district! So we´ll all get a chance to teach eachother and be taught by eachother, and Im excited for that.

Last bit of news, it´s pouring rain outside, and I don´t have my jacket. Yay for Mexico weather!

Love you all!

Hna Watkins

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