Monday, April 21, 2014

Double Referral

For all those who want my address, the mission office is the place to send it!

6265 N 82nd St
Scottsdale, AZ

They forward everything the same day they get it, but for packages they have to be sent by USPS to be forwarded. So it'll just take like an extra day or 2 to get to me. I don't know our real address up here because it's a PO box and we share it with other missionaries (we don't even have a key), but I'll figure it out for next week and let everyone know!

Anyways, missionary work! We FINALLY met a double referral this week. We had gotten his name twice from other missionaries and we had called and called and had never got the chance to meet him. We heard he was always found at either a park in Taylor or Snowflake, with his fancy blue truck and two little pomeranians, but we had never managed to see him like everyone else. But anyways, we were cruising near the park in Taylor, looking for a certain trailer, but just kinda felt like we should ditch that plan and go to the park. Lo and behold, Ruben was there! He was chatting on the phone, so we played with his little dogs for a minute (one of them has only one eye), and then we got to know him!

He's a member, but he hasn't been to church in so so long, like since the early nineties. He's kind of homeless and he's going through a rough time right now, but he is ready to come back and receive again the blessings of church attendance. So hopefully things will go well with him!

It poured all day Saturday, which was kind of fun until we remembered that basically 80% of the streets in Snowflake and Taylor are dirt and rocks, so poor Unicorn, our car, got caked in mud. We never got stuck, though! There was a lot of running in the rain and standing at doors getting soaked, hoping people would answer. It was an adventure! We got a lot of good stuff done that day!

Anyways, I hope everyone had a good Easter! Just like Christmas, it was nice to be able to focus on Christ and His sacrifice instead of easter eggs and bunny rabbits, as fun as those things are. Its nice to have an excuse to eat a lot of candy, though! I'm just so grateful, though, for Jesus Christ and the chance we had to share the story of His Resurrection with everyone. What a blessing we have, to be able to live again! I know He died for us so we could have that chance.

I love everyone, have a great week! Keep being strong!
Love, Hna Watkins

Trish emailed later with this info. It sounds like the mission office address is still very reliable, especially since PO boxes sometimes have delivery limitations. But, if you'd like to send a letter directly to Trish, here's her address:

PO Box 901
Taylor, AZ

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