Sunday, September 1, 2013

last week at the CCM!

Well well well, look who´s starting their last week at the CCM!

Can anyone believe it?!?! I definitely can´t. Last night I was just laying in bed thinking about Arizona and what it might be like, and it hit me that a week from yesterday morning, I will be in Arizona!! I am BEYOND excited! These last few days are getting harder, when all I want to do is get out of here and teach real people, so I´ve really got to try to push til the end. But we´ve got in-field training on friday, I need to do lots of packing on Saturday, and then Sunday is my last day with my branch and district! The hardest part will definitely be leaving all the people I met here. You grow to love everybody sooo much, especially when you feel like the past 6 weeks have been an eternity and you´ve known them forever.

Speaking of forever, we got to go to the temple again today! It was very nice, just like before, but we got less time to take pictures or sit in the Celestial room. But it has been so cool to be able to go to a temple in Mexico! That´s something I never thought would happen, haha.

Another thing I never thought would happen was that I´d have to give 3 TALKS out of the 6 Sacrament meetings I´m here for (and 2 of them are fast sundays, so unfair). Basically every time we walk out of sacrament meeting and shake the branch presidency´s hand, President de Hoyos is like "heh heh heh, Hermana Watkins" with a huge smile on his face. I think he thinks its funny to watch me stand on my toes at the pulpit every sunday, so rude (it doesnt move and there´s no step, so nobody can see me unless Im on my toes!). Haha in all honesty, it´s been great practice and Im super grateful. But really, 3 times?? None of the elders in our district spoke once! Haha I guess that´s what you get for being prepared.

No food update this week... they have started making the same things over again, so I don´t have as many chances to be adventurous! But Tuesday is pizza day, and they´ve started giving us pepperoni! (But I have to say, Im super jealous of all the missionaries that get layovers in Texas or something so they can get McDonalds or Cinnabon... I am going straight to Phoenix, so I don´t get that chance! I guess it´ll just have to wait, haha.)

I still just can´t believe I will be in the field in 6 days! Where did all the time go?? Every day feels like forever, but each week just flies by. Just the life of a missionary, and its wonderful.

Guys, being a missionary is great. Nothing new has happened and our schedule hasn´t really changed, but each day is wonderful. The MTC is an amazing place, and Im so grateful I have gotten to learn so much about the gospel and how to be a missionary at the CCM. Everyone should get to come here. It´s so great.

Verse of the week: Mosiah 2:41. We´ve been working on how to teach the commandments and help people make commitments (1 Nefi 3:7 is also great). They are great reminders of the blessings we can recieve by keeping the commandments. We can obtain a state of never-ending happiness! So incredible. So if anyone is ever gonna teach someone about the law of chastity or the word of wisdom any time soon, use these verses!

Les amo a todos! Tengan un buen semana!

Hermana Watkins

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