Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Alive!

Trish had a few minutes on Tuesday evening to let us know that she arrived in Mexico safely. We noticed the night before that her travel plans had been booked from San Jose, Costa Rica instead of San Jose, California. Woops!

Mission travel shuffled her flights around and she was on her way. Here's her first email, in all its Spanish-keyboard glory:

I cannot figure out this keyboard! Where is the flipping apostrophe??

I made it! Im in Mexico! Ive only got like two minutes, but im alive and well and im so excited!! Mexico City is HUGE. While we were driving, I was secretly getting jealous of all the girls that are called to mexico, even though its kinda dirty, but its just so interesting! theres so much to look at. But then it got kinda stinky, so i´m good with arizona, haha. theres like 4 different accent/apostrophes... ´`' what do they all mean?? and the qeustion mark is at the top of the board, what?

Anyways, el CCM is so beautiful.  I didnt even know we were coming up to it, and suddenly you get to a gate and see a big grass lawn. I think ill really enjoy my time here! Ive got to go, I love you all, and I don{t even have a tag yet, but I love being a missionary!!!!

Love, Hermana Watkins!!!

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  1. So excited to follow Trish's mission! Hopefully she'll run into Claire McKinley down there...who went to Alpine Elementary, too! Glad she made it!
    Ann Mitchell
    Trish's 5th grade teacher